heir Closed Beta Update

We expected a lot of interest in the waitlist, but we weren’t anticipating the volume we ended up receiving. It’s way more than we could reasonably accommodate in a closed beta. So, we adjusted our roadmap to get the app out to everyone. We even brought on additional engineering help with a few key things we were hearing you were most interested in.

We are on track to wrap development on an initial feature set this month, and with integration of a few content and rewards partners being one of our biggest variables. Then we will submit to the app store (iOS only at launch) and, once approved, will share it with the people on our waitlist first. If you haven’t yet, you can sign up for our waitlist at heir.fm.

For hip hop artists looking to add music to the heir platform, we are releasing an artist song upload dashboard where you can submit songs. Invites will start going out next week. If you haven’t yet, you can sign up for your invite as an artist at heir.fm.

The reception to our announcement was truly humbling. We’ve heard from so many of you in the music and tech industries — labels, artists, developers — and even had online hip hop fan and artist communities (special shout to Discord!) offer up their time and promotional help. Thank you so much for believing in us and our mission, and for being so generous in your support.

Also thanks to those who participated in the closed beta — we took much of your feedback and have made the next version even better.

We’re building this for all of us, this whole hip hop community of ours. While we’re proud of what we’ve built so far, it’s a pretty early peek into much more to come. We know we’re better with you, so we look forward to your constructive feedback to help us keep bringing in the things you care about.

We’re excited to get heir into your hands!